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Adaptive reuse and conversion of the of existing structures into new land uses has many benefits. Reuse and repurposing extends the life of the building, reduces carbon footprint, helps to stabilize neighborhoods and when done correctly increases return on investment. These type of projects require high level of expertise to be successful.

We have over 40 years of experience and we understand in depth the challenges of older structures, that are not built to today’s building standards.
We collaborate closely with Planning, Building and Fire Departments to address various technical aspects associated with each individual adaptive reuse project.
RPP Architects have been involved in a wide range of adaptive reuse projects, just to mention few: Ebel Auditorium conversion to residential lofts, Bank of America conversion to retail, Insurance Exchange Building conversion to mix use, Broadlind hotel conversion to apartments, and again back to hotel use.
The renovations and maintenance of existing residential complexes, industrial facilities and existing buildings not only extends the life, preserves and increases the return on investment but mitigates the environmental issues.
The cost of energy efficiency, ADA compliance, fire sprinklers are justified and repaid usually faster than evaluated either in monthly savings, or increase in the building value due to life and safety improvement.
Façade Renovations of the non-descriptive, outdated structures allow them to reflect the relevant culture in ever changing world.

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