Reddy Urgent Care and Aesthetics Services

• Tenant Improvement
• HVAC, Lighting Sysem Modernization
• Building Permits

The Client had limited time to move the Urgent Care medical office out of occupied space from another location into a new medical service building in Huntington Beach. RPP Architects provided full scope of Tenant Improvement services including space planning, replacement of light fixture and modernization of HVAC. The project was completed from start to the opening in 90 days including construction drawings, plan check and client’s construction. This is what we call FAST-TRACK PROJECT.

Tenant Improvement of the space in the medical services building for Urgent Care and Aesthetics clientele required innovative approach due to the tight square footage. Proposed solution: multifunctional use of spaces, barn doors and properly designed patient areas.

The use of barn doors allowed for providing wider openings for easy maneuvering the patient in and out, and reduced requirements for the size of hallways.